British Antarctic Survey

Geophysics Data Portal (BAS-GDP)

Welcome to the British Antarctic Survey's Geophysics Data Portal. This portal aims to make visualisation and download of geophysical data held by BAS more accessible to the academic community.

The mapping interface allows for the selection of data by cruise or geopgraphical region. You can select a region by using ctrl-mouse drag to define a region, or enter it manually. Using shift-click will zoom to a defined region.

Please confirm that you have read the terms of use below before linking to the portal.

Terms of use

Under the Antarctic Treaty of 1961 ( data collected south of 60S are to be made freely available to enable the global scientific community to gain a greater understanding of the importance of Antarctica and its surrounding seas in the Earth System, through international co-operation.

In line with NERC policy, data will be made available to others (under suitable constraints, and at no more than the direct costs involved in supplying the data) for further bona fide research only. The Intellectual Property Rights to the data are not transferred. For commercial use of data it is NERC policy to charge at a rate which reflects the value of the data and the cost it has incurred in data acquisition, custody and retrieval.

By downloading or consulting data from this website, the visitor acknowledges that he/she agrees with the NERC data policy (, and agrees to the following:

  1. If data are extracted from the BAS-GDP, the British Antarctic Survey should be cited, as appropriate:
    • For the Website:

      Deen, T.J. (Editor). [date accessed]. The British Antarctic Survey
      Geophysics Data Portal. British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK.
      World Wide Web electronic publication. Available online at:

    • For Data used:

      Author (cruise PI), initials. Database title. Retrieved [date accessed]
      Edited by T.J. Deen: British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK.

    Where citing a paper is more appropriate, this will be made explicit on the download page.

    Example(for data from a particular cruise):

    Crew of James Clark Ross cruise JR141. 2005. Multibeam Swath bathymetry Data.
    Cambridge, UK: British Antarctic Survey. Data set accessed 2009-01-01 at

  2. For information purposes, please provide to BAS( the full citation of any publication (printed or electronic) that cites the GDP or any constituent part.
  3. The user recognizes the limitations of data in the BAS-GDP. Your use ofthe data is at your own risk, and there is no warranty as to the quality oraccuracy of any data, or the fitness of the data for your intended use. The data are not necessarily fully quality assured and cannot be expected to be free from measurement uncertainty, systematic biases, or errors of interpretation or analysis, and may include inaccuracies in error margins quoted with the data.